Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee spoke in an interview with “Cobras & Fire” podcast and has revealed the story of why he was fired by Ronnie James Dio.

He said that Van Halen is an american version of guitarist playing. Here’s the statement:

“I think that [Ronnie] was looking for more of a European sort of sound. ‘Cause back then, and maybe to this day — I don’t know — heavy metal, you had the American version and you had the European version. And the American version relied a lot on VAN HALEN; that was kind of the American metal sound.

And I am more of that school — of Eddie Van Halen, Southern California. There was a bunch of us. And I was more of that. Maybe a little busier on my rhythm stuff than Dio would have liked. And I think that was the main reason.

Speaking in a recent interview with The Metal Voice,  Jake E. Lee has revealed the how much money he earned from Ozzy Osbourne’s band at the beginning. Here’s the statement.

You can listen to the entire interview from below.