The original vocalist of Pantera, Terry Glaze, spoke in the recent interview with Full in Bloom Podcast and revealed the huge problems that he faced in the band.

In the conversation, Terry mentioned that he didn’t agree with Pantera’s decision making. As he stated in, the band was doing a vote to make a decision but Vinnie Paul, Dimebag Darrell, and their father were never splitting their votes.

Terry and other members of the band couldn’t decide what to do because the Abbott’s were on charge in this band. So, this was one of the reasons why he left the band. Additionally, Terry said that the members were getting colder and colder to him after he decided to leave the band.

Interviewer asked:

“Did you leave because of the dynamic between the three of them?”

Terry Glaze replied:

“The reason I left is – the four of us, plus Vince and Darell’s father, we all voted and the Abbotts, the three of them, never split their vote. And so, it didn’t matter what I wanted to do, the Abbotts, they made the decision.

And eventually, I just thought, ‘I don’t like what’s going on.’ So that’s why I left. And I’ll just tell you this: I loved playing in that band, and we were good.”

Interviewer asked:

“Do you remember the conversation you had with them when you quit the band?”

Terry Glaze said:

“Well, the other problem with Pantera was: I gave them the right notice, and that was not good because as the last couple of days came up… I guess I was hoping that we would work it out, but they were not interested in working it out.

And as it got closer and closer to my last day, it became colder and colder, and so: the last gig got done, I loaded my truck and left. It was really weird.”

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