Former Queen singer Paul Rodger spoke in an interview with Eddie Trunk during the recent episode of Trunk Nation.

As you know, Rodgers thus joined Brian May and Roger Taylor with the group billed as “Queen + Paul Rodgers” and they subsequently toured worldwide in 2005 and 2006.

Paul has revealed what he thinks about Led Zeppelin, and said:

Led Zeppelin always had an acoustic spot in the center of their show, which was a highlight really, because it accentuated the heaviness when they did get heavy.

I love that about Jimmy and the way he does that with music. I’d definitely be up to do something with him, yeah.”

He also said:

“I often see Jimmy comes to our shows. When we played at the Albert Hall, he was there. And we went to see him, we had dinner with him, he’s got a house in London there.

He’s the greatest guy in the world, they all are, they’re fantastic people. I always thought it was so great of them at the height of their fame to turn around, make their own little record company and help other talents, give them a leg up.

Just to be associated with Led Zeppelin was a big boost, because people would go, ‘Who are these guys?’. We weren’t instantly dismissed. I went to see Sir Robert [Plant] just recently in London, we had breakfast actually, and it was great to see the guy.

I mean, I love Robert, he’s always thinking outside the box musically, and the band’s incredible. When you listen to it, one minute you’re in deepest India and the next minute they’re somewhere else, and they just do it in a very cool way. Jimmy’s complicated, he’s got a lot of love for the music and for the fans too.”

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