The former Rainbow and Alcatrazz singer and the proud of England, Graham Bonnet, was the latest interview guest of Myglobalmind’s Robert Cavuoto and talked about the success of the long-awaited album of Alcatrazz, ‘Born Innocent.’

After Alcatrazz has launched their first album since 1986, the fans made great comments about the record.  However, as much as the good words about the album, Graham also talked about his current relationship with record producer, Bob Kulick and why he declined his offer to sing like AC/DC.

Robert Cavuoto asked if he were close to Bob since Blackthorne. Here is what he said:

“Not really, I hadn’t seen him for 30 plus years, and then we played Vamp’d in Las Vegas in 2018. That was the last time I saw him. We recently spoke on the phone, and I could hear that something was not quite right with him. He took the conversation to a weird place, and I’m not sure why he did it. It was complete gibberish in a way.

It didn’t make any sense, and he was angry; yet lonely. During the call, I was thinking this is not the guy that I remember! He was a great musician. Even though we didn’t get on sometimes, I appreciated and saw his talents. I got the sense he was depressed. If his death was accidental, I wouldn’t be surprised and hope it’s not what I think it to be that he took his own life. When we played in Vegas, he was great, absolutely amazing.”

He continued:

“My family moved to Australia because we had a bit of a problem over here. We weren’t running from the law or anything; it was hard to find work here. There I could make more money. I was in a Top 40 band called, The Party Boys; it was a silly name. My friend, Alan Lancaster, from the English band Status Quo, asked me to join, so it was an instant in.

I was there for four to five months when I got the call from Bob Kulick and Jimmy Waldo asking if I want to put together a band. I went back to LA and borrowed some money to start the band with those guys, which we called Blackthorne.”

Bob was hard working when we were making that album. He wanted me to sing like the guy from AC/DC on some of the tracks. I told him that I’m not the guy from AC/DC, I’m Graham from Rainbow, Alcatrazz, etc. I don’t sing like that, and it’s not me; if you want the guy from AC/DC, you should call him up [laughing].

I did my best to do what he wanted with my voice. Bob was a perfectionist and, at the same time, a lunatic. That’s why I couldn’t work with him.”

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