In a recent interview with Classic Rock, former Riot guitarist Rick Ventura shared his thoughts on quitting music at one point.

A group of New Yorkers whose sole determination was to succeed founded Riot but could not reach their full potential. Between 1977 and 1981, they released several studio albums, including ‘Fire Down Under.’ Despite being praised by many in the industry, including Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, many think they didn’t receive the credit they deserved.

Rick Ventura went through challenging times during his time within Riot. He eventually lost his drive, which caused him to leave the band. Ventura went on a final tour with the band to support KISS, ultimately leading him to embark on his solo journey in music.

In a recent conversation, the former Riot guitarist talked about the pandemic and when the band played together for the first time in years. Afterward, the interviewer asked if he had ever considered quitting music, and Ventura stated that he had at some point. He added that after a few months, he realized that he still had a desire to continue making music.

When asked about the lockdowns, the rocker said:

“Yeah. It was, like, a month into the pandemic. We had been so excited about the project. It was the first time we had played together, and each time we’d look over at one another, grins were plastered across our faces. The only time Riot Act played live was at the Hall Of Fame, and that was just two songs.”

Ventura’s words on whether he considered giving up music:

“Oh yeah. I didn’t pick up a guitar for quite a few months. But eventually, I realized I still had all of this music inside of me.”

In 2019, Ventura founded Riot Act with Lou Kouvaris, which was separate from Riot. Though it was a new beginning for the musician, Kouvaris tragically passed away from Covid-19 a couple of months later.