Former DIO guitarist Doug Aldrich recently had an interview with Totally Driven Radio, and repeats his ideas about Ronnie James Dio’s touring show as hologram.

Here is what he said to Totally Driven Radio yesterday:

“I’d like to see it. It definitely would never compare to the real thing. It wouldn’t even scratch the itch at all. But I would support it, just because those guys are all friends of mine and stuff.

To be honest, I don’t think Ronnie would be into it that much. But at least people are getting something and it keeps his music alive. And like I said, I would go see it. I’d pay money to go see it — definitely.”

Here is what Doug said to XS Rock earlier:

“Ronnnie would probably be, like, ‘This is not what I signed up for.’ A hologram? It’s not really what he would want to be

I’m just guessing, you know, that it’s something that Wendy (Ronnie’s wife, manager) thought about and she decided that Ronnie would be fine with it.”

You can listen the entire TDR interview below:

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