Soulfly singer Max Cavalera spoke in an interview with Metal Wani, and revealed the details of his future plans.

Interviewer asked ‘What’s next on the cards for Cavalera? Will we be seeing new material in 2019?’, Max responded:

“I don’t know, I think this year might be more focused on touring. Maybe slow down – we’ve been touring records the last five years non-stop. We released Cavalera Conspiracy’s ‘Psychosis,’ we released Soulfly’s ‘Ritual,’ it would be nice to slow down a little bit and concentrate on touring.

So I’m hoping we could go to South America, Europe, America… We’re going to do it again, so I think it will be more touring and Killer Be Killed maybe we will do something, but at the moment, we have nothing scheduled.”

He also talked about 30th anniversary of Beneath the Remains album, and said:

“I think it’s the power of it, I think it got better, actually, because as the years went by, people heard the songs more and more and got more into them, and when we play them live you can feel it.

There’s a nostalgic feeling in the air, it’s almost like some of the shows bring people back in time. At least for us, South America was much like that, like, the whole vibe of the whole tour.

People in the airport greeting us, there are 200 people in Chile and Mexico and the venues are packed, and you see all the leather vests and denim vests, metal shirts, and you feel like it’s the mid-’90s. It’s great. That’s a great feeling.

To me, I have a new love for this record because I actually dissected it to learn them again. I don’t listen to my old stuff that much, so it was kind of a funny thing to go back to.

Listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement.