Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach revealed the greatest pleasure he had by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and showed how happy he is about the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

In the post, Sebastian replied to the tweet of a famous writer named Tony Posnanski that went viral on social media, which was suggesting that seeing Biden winning the elections is better than having sex.

Sebastian Bach mentioned that it is so satisfying to watch the election results live on CNN and resulted in having mind-blowing sex. In this way, he revealed how happy he is to see Joe Biden wins.

Furthermore, Sebastian stated that this was possibly the greatest sex he had in his life and showed his support to Biden once again while thanking the citizens of the United States for picking him as a president.

Here is what Tony Posnanski said in his tweet:

“Sex is great but have you ever seen Joe Biden get over 300 Electoral votes.”

Sebastian Bach replied:

Anybody else has mind-blowing sex while watching the election results come in live on CNN?

Possibly the greatest of my life ❤️ Thank you America!”

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