Former Van Halen vocalist and current member of The Circle, Sammy Hagar, has shared a new video on his official Youtube account and made a lockdown challenge during the self-quarantine days.

The world is suffering from coronavirus for over months, which is a highly contagious disease that affected over 700K people around the globe, and most of the people isolated themselves in their houses to protect themselves from this danger.

The Circle band members made a lockdown challenge to spent great times together and help to increase the morale of the people during these tough times. Also, the band members named this song ‘Funk Feng Shue.’

This video started by the drummer of the band, Jason Bonham, while he was recording a jam from his home, and everybody sent their records from home. In the end, they managed to create a perfect song and showed how great they are.

Sammy’s video watched over 30K times, and the fans headed to the comment section to share their reactions.

Here is what Sammy Hagar said:

“This video is the result of a challenge started by Jason Bonham to record a jam they’d been playing backstage warming up for shows while everyone is stuck at home in the COVID-19 shelter-at-home lockdown.

Filmed on their phones, Jason started with the drums in his first Instagram post then challenged Vic Johnson to add guitar. Vic then passed it on to Michael Anthony and Sammy wrapped it up!”

A fan named Todd added this comment:

“Just reinforces what I’ve always believed. Nothing bad can happen when you’re listening to slamming Sammy Hagar. Fun great song. We need more of that.”

Another fan named Neil Tipton wrote:

“In these scary times. This means the world to us guys! Thank you for taking us away from all this mess for a little while. Fan for life!”

You can watch the video below.