During a recent interview with Meltdown podcast on WRIF Radio, former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has shared a new message to fans about possible reunion.

He talked about the whole rumors and said that “There is no confirmation about a VH tour”. Here’s the statement:

“There is no confirmation about a VH tour. I ain’t here to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ if it’s gonna happen or not gonna happen. But Mikey is my dearest friend in the world. He’s my favorite bass player and singer on the planet to be in a band with.

And we will continue to be in a band our whole life. But if there was an opportunity for him to go play in Van Halen again, just to mend that up, just to keep that sour note from being in his head for the rest of his life, he has my blessings.

I will take the time off while he goes and does it. We’ve already talked about it. But there is nothing confirmed. I can tell you straight-up right now — there has been nothing confirmed.”

He also said :

 “I ain’t gonna say it is or isn’t [gonna happen], because it’s not my place. Right now, we’re gonna go out and promote [The Circle album] that we made together, and we’re gonna do some shows.

And then as soon as these shows are done and we figure [out] what we wanna do, we’ll go book some more and then keep doing it. ‘Cause Mikey is… He’s in The Circle. He’s my bass player. He’s my fellow singer. He’s my bandmate. He’s my dear friend. He’s my soul brother.”

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Back on February 14, Hagar talked in a conversation with Eddie Trunk, and said:

“I’m not trying to hide anything, it’s not like I know something. Mike and I have had the conversation, I’m telling you Mike don’t know shit. They are going to have to eventually give the guy a call.

He (Mike) got a call 6 months ago from (Van Halen) management saying, “Are you interested?” and he said, yeah, but I’m doing a record right now with Sammy and we are booking shows so you’d have to work around it and they said, OK, we will get back to you and that was it.”

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