Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar uploaded a bizarre picture of himself with guitarist Joe Satriani, mocking the legendary guitarist in a really funny way.

As you might see in the hilarious photo, while Sammy touching Joe’s chin with his finger, the guitarist made a really funny facial expression.

This picture has received 8,5k Instagram likes and many followers heading to the comment section to join for the funny post of former Van Halen star. In the caption of his photo, Sammy mocked him by saying:

“I tried to tell Joe just one more time and I will have to Play that solo”

An Instagram user named bakersfieldluvssammy commented and said this:

“Hmmmmmm… you’re sure teasing us with all these #chickenfoot posts!! 🧐❤️/|\ #lasttemptation”

Another fan named vesapetritissari wrote this:

“Joe Satriani said sorry Sammy Hagar my fingers can’t drive 55”

See the Instagram photo below.