Sammy Hagar, the former vocalist of Van Halen and the current one of The Circle, has shared a relaxing video in which he lays on the grass with his dog and some of his fans has jokingly blamed him for faking.

On his latest Instagram post, Hagar displayed the peaceful moment he spent with his dog on a newly mowed lawn, as he said. Looking like he got tired by mowing and enjoying his time to rest after all the work was done, Sammy Hagar reflected a tranquil scenery.

However, a fan named John teased Sammy by asking whether he mows his own lawn, or pays someone to do it. Hagar replied by implying that he got caught, as if the issue is so crucial, and said he is guilty as charged for not mowing.

Moreover, another fan, whose name is Lance, commented that Hagar shows off with freshly mowed grass, but that stuff is plastic. Sammy Hagar answered the comment laughingly with a confession. He said that he lives in California and water costs more than tequila there.

Here is what Hagar said on his latest Instagram post:

“Nothing like a sunshiny day on a new mowed lawn with a dog.”

A fan, whose name is John, commented as:

“Sammy, are you a star who mows his own lawn, or pays someone to do it?”

Sammy answered as:

Guilty as charged.”

Another fan, whose name is Lance, said:

“Freshly mowed grass my ass that stuff is plastic.”

Sammy Hagar replied as:

“I live in California, water costs more than tequila.”

You can see Hagar’s post below.