The daughter of the former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar, Kama Hagar said that she has found the ways of healing by working with the elements and Sammy Hagar supported his daughter in the comments.

Kama Hagar, the daughter of the great musician and entrepreneur Sammy Hagar, has been sharing some beautiful pictures from her healthy life in Mexico and writing the blog posts about Hawaiian healing, reiki, meditation, and yoga for a while now.

As you may recall, Kama has shared a photo of herself in which she looks highly flexible and focused in the middle of the sea on the top of a boat-like board. Recently, she has added one more to the posts which reflect her lifestyle accurately.

Kama has posted a cool picture of herself in the mountains. She announced her new blog post which is about the air and how to use this element within life effectively. Kama Hagar said on air that it is expansiveness, balance, harmony, detachment, and limitlessness.

Together with her followers who admire her way of perception, Kama’s father Sammy Hagar commented on her latest post to show his support. He appreciated the beautiful words of Kama Hagar along with her pleasant photo.

Here is what Kama Hagar said on her latest Instagram post:

“Working with the elements is one of my favorite ways to heal and come back to wholeness.

I just posted a blog on air and how to use this element to fill your cup.

Air is expansiveness, balance, harmony, detachment, and limitlessness.

We are fueled by this element. We and the air are no different from each other. We are of air. We are air.”

Sammy Hagar commented as:

“Beautiful words my dear and a beautiful picture as well😘”

You can see Kama’s Instagram post below.