Van Halen’s former frontman and one of the most well-known musicians of our era, Sammy Hagar posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page to show a really rare backstage photo from his iconic cover song, Give To Live.

Sammy Hagar also shared little-known facts about the background story of the song.

Here is what he said:

“#Throwback to the “Give To Live” video shoot in 1987. This was after the 5150 tour and I recorded “I Never Said Goodbye.“

Check out the video – it was shot on top of Mount Baldy in Southern California with Gil Bettman, the same guy that did “I Can’t Drive 55″ and “VOA.” #TBT #GiveToLive #WildHairDontCare 🤘🎸”

Here is the photo below.

You can watch Sammy Hagar’s “I Never Said Goodbye” video below.