Speaking to Ultimate-guitar editor David Slavkovic, former Whitesnake and Dio guitarist Doug Aldrich has revealed the biggest difference between Whitesnake singer David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio.

Here’s the statement:

“I would say that the biggest difference is with Ronnie. He was very set on what he wanted to do and he was very focused about trying to get a specific sound, a specific thing. With David, it was a little more open. He liked to experiment a lot. He tried different things.

But they’re both bigger-than-life personalities and I was the right-hand man. Especially with David. I felt really honored that he chose me to help him resurrect Whitesnake.

I was trying to keep the bluesy side more alive because the last Whitesnake music that I had heard was with Steve Vai and it was kind of going in a different direction than the original Whitesnake started. So I just brought it to the way I thought it should be.”

He continued:

“With Dio, one of the biggest challenge songs was playing Rainbow’s ‘Gates of Babylon.’ That song was insane, man. So cool… It was scary because I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted to do a great job.”

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