The Rolling Stones icon Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife, Jo Wood, had a new interview with Daily Mirror and shared the never-told-before story of how Keith Richards was drunk driving.

Jo Wood also stated that Keith Richards was a pretty naughty person at all. Here is what Jo told to Daily Mirror:

“Keith was very naughty. He had a Bentley that we used to drive around Paris in. It was a very different time then, and it’s hard to believe now that it didn’t occur to us that drink-driving might be a problem.

We’d just get in the car and drive off at seven in the morning after a night in the studio.”

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In the same interview, Jo Wood unearthed the story of how Keith Richards used heroin in their first meeting. She also revealed how Keith used a silver spoon to prepare the drug.

Here is the story which Jo told to Daily Mirror:

“I put on my sarong and, before I knew it, there was Ronnie at the door with a big smile on his face, telling me he was sorry. Concorde had blown an engine and they’d had to make a landing in Ireland.”

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