Exodus singer Steve “Zetro” Souza spoke in an interview with Janne Vuorela and revealed his thoughts about possibility of upcoming album of Exodus. He said:

“Unfortunately -new album will not come in 2018-, because our guitar player and main songwriter [Gary Holy] is finishing the Slayer tour, we’re probably going to have to wait until that’s all done.

So I would say 2019, late, ’cause they’re booked through next year, so we’re gonna wait until that’s all done. I’m not saying we won’t play or we won’t tour; we just won’t be putting out [any new music].”

On the songs that already written by Gary Hold, he said:

“I’ve heard it. There’s new songs – there is. Gary played me some new songs that he’s put down in a home studio, and it’s really killer.

It’s just the time constraints with Slayer touring and Exodus touring and being home all at the same time and being able to get together to put it all together, I think that, to be honest, it’ll be late 2019 [before we can properly record it].”

You can watch the entire interview below.