Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt released another statement about Tom Hunting’s current health status and the upcoming tour via his official Instagram account.

In April, Tom announced that he was diagnosed with cancer, and he has been receiving medical treatment since then. Following the cancer diagnosis, Gary Holt revealed that the band won’t be releasing their upcoming record ‘Persona Non-Grata,’ until Tom fully recovered.

After months of chemotherapy, the tumor got smaller and smaller, which allowed doctors to remove it with surgery. Last month, Tom had a great operation during which all the bad cells were removed from his body. Right now, he is trying to recover from surgery.

Even though Tom is cancer-free now, Gary mentioned that he has been dealing with some side effects following the surgery, such as heavy pain and eating problems. Because of that, the band decided to continue touring with another drummer.

As Gary announced, John Tempesta will be behind the drums in the Vegas and Full Terror Assault shows, and he revealed that John was Tom’s first choice too. That being said, Holt mentioned that his friend and bandmate’s recovery is going really well, and he will get back to the stage sooner than expected.

Furthermore, Tom also shared a new message about his health status and admitted that he thought he could walk and play the drums after the surgery, which wasn’t possible. However, he pointed out that he feels stronger than ever now and stated that he is looking forward to playing the drums again.

Gary Holt on the upcoming shows of Exodus:

“Due to Tom’s continued recovery from his surgery, we are announcing that for our show in Vegas and Full Terror Assault, we will be joined by John Tempesta on drums!

John was Tom’s (and our) number one choice to jump behind the kit in his absence, and John will kill it while Tom continues his recovery, which is going very well! Looking forward to seeing everyone who is coming to Vegas for the show.

And looking forward to getting Tom healthy and back behind his kit as soon as possible! But let’s welcome John back for two shows where he started!”

Tom Hunting reflected on his health status as well as John Tempesta’s addition:

“I’m 5 weeks out from the surgery and on the mend. I’m feeling stronger all the time and I’m beyond excited to get back to working out on the drums. Unfortunately, I won’t be ready for the upcoming Vegas and Full Terror Assault shows.

Originally I thought if I could walk, I could play. I need to manage my own expectations, and then work my very core back into shape to be fully ready for action. I have no doubt I’ll bounce back and get there.

I wanna express my undying love and gratitude to our brother Johnny Tempesta for agreeing to play in my absence. I’m 100% sure he will crush playing this music! I’ll check in again very soon.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram