Kirk Hammett’s former bandmate Gary Holt recently revealed how the guitarist improved his guitar skills while being high on LSD.

Before joining Metallica in 1983, Hammett was still on the music scene with his former metal band, Exodus. He quit the band to join Metallica, and the two bands became the leading figures of the thrash metal genre. Even though they were initially supportive of each other, this turned into a rivalry after a while.

Gary Holt spoke about their relationship in his latest interview with Classic Rock and revealed how they used to be close friends with Hammett. He also revealed that he and the Metallica guitarist spent an entire summer on acid.

They would sell some old jazz records and whatever Kirk’s dad left him to afford the drugs. Then, they would start a jamming session while high on drugs. Apparently, this really helped them to improve their playing skills.

Here is what he said about taking psychedelic drugs with Hammett:

“Kirk Hammett and I spent an entire summer taking acid. We’d sell some old jazz records or whatever that his dad had left at his house and go buy a 12 pack of beer and a purple microdot of acid or whatever. We used to love our psychedelics. We learned a lot of guitar on LSD.

Kirk Hammett did consume drugs throughout his career, as most rockstars. He thought that drugs were fun, but during the ‘Damaged Justice’ tour in 1988, he got addicted to cocaine. Before the addiction worsened, the guitarist quit cocaine, mainly because it made him feel depressed, and he replaced his addiction with comic books instead.