Exodus guitarist Gary Holt recently shared a post on his Instagram and talked about his sobriety after his alcohol addiction.

Unlike other acts, Exodus was one of the least affected bands by Covid-19 as they were only working on their upcoming album. Gary Holt previously stated that restrictions did not negatively impact the band. Moreover, they had a chance to focus on their future works. However, they postponed their upcoming, and the band was negatively affected as other musicians did.

The other issue that brought negativeness to Holt’s life was his alcohol consumption, increasing daily. As he revealed on the 2021 podcast ‘Backstage: The Devil in Metal,’ Holt realized that he began to drink much more by himself while at home during the pandemic. After a while, he started to see some alarming signs and decided to quit drinking.

Recently, the guitarist shared a post on his Instagram with a photo showing that he has been sober for 333 days. Holt revealed he was worried about whether he would be as energetic as before on stage when he decided to quit alcohol. However, things did not go as badly as he thought. The rocker stated that he did not see any adverse effects and performed at his best. Holt also did not forget to express his thankfulness to his wife, Lisa, as she supported him during this challenging process.

Gary Holt wrote in his words:

“Triples threes today and never felt better. When I decided to quit drinking, I wondered if I’d still be able to be a maniac on stage. Would the rage diminish without some beers to ‘loosen’ me up, to release the animal on stage? Not in the least. I feel lucky I had a few warm-up one-off shows before the tour to adjust.

Still, absolutely zero has changed other than I’m playing the best I ever have, my energy level never wains in the slightest, and I have all the fury in the last song as I do in the first, and I’m usually in bed before midnight!

It’s awesome. And I thank my wife, Lisa, for supporting me in this life change. I wish I’d done it years ago. But when it’s time, it’s the time! Tonight, night two in Joliet! Bring it on.”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram