Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt showed off his newest pink Les Paul guitar by sharing a photo of it via his official Instagram account and explained why he is loving it so much.

As you can see in the picture below, this pink Les Paul guitar was made by ESP, and it is so shiny that you can use it as a hand lamp in the nights. Also, Gary stated that it sounds perfect as it looks and that’s why he loves this guitar this much.

While we were writing this, Gary’s post reached around 15K like less than ten hours, and most of the fans shared their thoughts about the guitar in the comment section.

Here is what Gary Holt said:

Wanna know what is super rad? Playing one guitar and looking across the room, and with the lighting just right, seeing this looking back at ya! Fucking hell I love this thing. Also plays and sounds as good as it looks too! Fancy that!”

A fan named Kieran added this comment:

“Still one of the coolest fucking guitars out there.”

Another fan named Dahn Gohil asked:

“Is that the purple rain guitar?”

Gary Holt replied:


You can check out the post below.