Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt took his official Instagram account to share a new post and showed his support for Sacred Reich vocalist Phil Rind.

As you may remember, Gary has been sharing lots of fundraisers on his social media accounts to help people, and recently, he shared a fundraiser for their drummer Tom Hunting who is diagnosed with cancer recently.

This time, he showed his support for Phil Rind’s wife, Sandy Rind, who has been fighting with serious brain injury. The fundraiser just recently started, and they need a total of $100.000 for her recovery.

While Gary was saying that Sandy and Phil are both great people, he also reminded his followers that the couple needs their help. Additionally, Phil showed his gratitude for Gary by thanking him in the comment section.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote:

“Another metal legend needs our help. Donation made. Help Phil’s wife Sandy out in her time of need if you can, they are two of the great ones.”

Phil Rind added this comment:

“Thank you, Gary.”

You can check out the picture that Gary shared below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram