Slayer/Exodus icon Gary Holt‘s wife who defines herself as a vintage clothing roller skater, Lisa Holt, has shared an emotional post on her Instagram account today and shared the untold story of how she gave up alcohol 8 years ago.

As you may already know that Gary Holt is married to Lisa Holt and the couple has two daughters. Lisa also has a teenage daughter from her previous relationship. While Lisa and Gary look like a perfect couple from the outside, it seems that things went really hard for them in the past.

According to Lisa’s latest Instagram post, Gary and Lisa had really tough times while Lisa was struggling with her alcohol addiction. While sharing the details of how she has managed to quit drinking, Lisa also did not forget to thank the love of her life and confessed that she could not do it without Gary.

After sharing the story, almost 2K people pushed the like button to show their support for Lisa. Furthermore, some of the fans shared their own stories of quit drinking, and one of the users who went to the comment section to show support was her beloved husband Gary Holt.

Lisa Holt wrote this in the caption:

“Drinking coffee here… This was in Dec 2012, my first time out after quitting drinking alcohol. I had drunk since I was 13 years old.

It almost killed me and I’m glad to say I made the decision to not drink again. So far my life has been the best it’s ever been.”

She continued:

“Next week I will have 8 years without a drink and I will move into my forever home. Thanks to my husband who made me want to be a better person.

I definitely wouldn’t have him or anything kick ass in my life today if I hadn’t made this choice 8 years ago. Life rules.”

Gary Holt commented on the post:

“Sniff sniff! Love you so much! So happy and sooo proud of you!❤️”

You can check out the latest Instagram post of Lisa below.