Former Slayer star and current Exodus guitarist Gary Holt got a new signature guitar from the famous brand, ESP, and shared a video on his official Instagram account while opening the case for the first time.

As you might recall, Exodus and Gary Holt started to make a new album in July and made a boot camp to make it happen quickly. Also, Gary stated that this album will have really heavy sounds, and they are working hard to make it perfect.

While opening the case of his signature guitar, Gary said that he needed a bolt-on shred guitar for the recording session, and this guitar can provide any sound that he wants to play. Also, Gary showed how excited he is to play this monster and proved that he still has the passion for the music.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote:

“So I felt I really really need a bolt-on shred guitar for the new record, something super killer and ready to roll! So bam! Thanks to my ESP family for sending me this, and for scalloping the frets a little further for me!

Can’t wait to rip on this bad boy! And thanks to EMG for rushing these super amazing passive pickups to the ESP guys so they could get this sent out! Cheers!”

You can check out the post below.