Exodus vocalist Steven Souza has participated in the recent episode of Rock Immortal Productions’ ‘Rock Talk’ and exposed the latest ever details about the band’s highly-anticipated album.

Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza admitted that he does not know anything more than Exodus fans know about the upcoming album since the guitarist Gary Holt and drummer Tom Hunting has built a studio in the mountains to quarantine themselves to record the new stuff for the fans.

However, he also admitted that he had conversations with Gary and Tom and they claimed that they’re doing ‘something very special’ and the songs they’re working on are really heavy.

Let’s hear what Gary told about that self-quarantine days earlier:

It has begun. The assemblage of heavy is commencing. And not a bad place to work on music if I say so myself! Also where we will be recording the new record!

Build a studio in the mountains! That’s the way to go! Tom Hunting and I are getting the thrash going!

And here is the statement of Steve Souza:

“I know what you guys know, and I’ve heard nothing. But I have had conversations with Gary Holt and Tom Hunting, and they assure me it’s really special [and] it’s really crushingly heavy. People are definitely gonna be blown.

We’re gonna do it up at Lake Almanor. Tom bought a house up in the mountains, and we are actually gonna have all the gear sent up there, I think, the last week of August.

And I would say all of the month of September into October, the five of us will be in the mountains putting together — like little doctors, as scientists — making the new Exodus.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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