Exodus frontman Steve Souza opened up about the making of the band’s upcoming eleventh studio album, ‘Persona Non Grata’ during a recent video uploaded on their official YouTube channel. In the footage, the singer reflected on those bands who record their albums separately including the time he did it himself whereas Exodus is now working on their album as a band.

As many of you know, Exodus has been planning to record a follow-up to their tenth studio album, ‘Blood In, Blood Out‘ since 2016. However, their work on the album had been slowed down by tour schedules in addition to guitarist Gary Holt’s commitments with Slayer.

When Slayer disbanded in 2019 following a farewell tour, the recording sessions of Exodus’ upcoming album started in September 2020. Four months after, the band fully completed their record named ‘Persona Non Grata,‘ and it was initially set for release in the summer of 2021.

Unfortunately, the release of the album was pushed back to November 19 due to drummer Tom Hunting’s diagnosis of stomach cancer. Fortunately, the musician underwent a successful total gastrectomy in July and is now cancer-free.

During a recently uploaded video on the band’s official YouTube channel, Steve Souza opened up about the band’s approach in the making of their upcoming album. Apparently, all the band members got together to record their album which allowed them to be active in every aspect.

While saying that having every member together during the recording process made the album better, the singer also said that there are numerous bands who don’t even see each other while making a record. Souza also didn’t forget to mention that he did it himself in his career in the past but not with Exodus’ upcoming album.

In his own words, Souza said:

“I heard that we all going up to record the album together as a band. We hadn’t done that for a while. This one was where we were all up there at the same time together. In the past, I would come in and the drums and bass were already done. I never even seen the drummer or the bass player on some of the records that I’ve done but on this record, we all kind of came up here together.

We’re working out as I’ll sing, and then when I’m done singing, Jack will come in, and when Jack’s done, Gary finishes rhythms or leads. That’s kind of how it’s been going. Everybody has got input on what everybody else is doing. We’re going back over it so we make sure that it’s the right stuff. We were five guys playing music, not just, ‘Okay, his tracks are done. Now you can fly in and do yours and never see the guy.'”

You can watch the video down below.