During an appearance on his own video channel Zetro’s Toxic Vault, Exodus singer Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza reveals the reason for delaying the upcoming Exodus album, ‘Persona Non-Grata.’

In April, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt shared a message on his verified Instagram account to announce that Hunting was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a gastric tumor found in his upper stomach. After having surgery in July, Tom stated that he is still in recovery, but it’s only a matter of time before he’s back on drumming again.

While Exodus drummer was trying to get better, Steve Souza announced on his YouTube channel last month and stated that they have decided to release the album in November instead of this summer. Souza described the upcoming album as a ‘career defining’ record, and fans will understand why once they hear it.

This week, Souza released the new episode of ‘Zetro’s Toxic Vault’ and discussed whether Tom’s illness is the only reason for delaying the album. Since he admitted that this was one of the things they had to deal with, the singer also stated that Exodus is six months behind in producing the vinyl because of the pandemic.

Souza shared his thoughts, saying:

“A lot of you guys are wondering why it’s taking so long, and yes, Tom’s illness had a bit to play in it. But they haven’t been able to make vinyl. Nobody worked last year. So all the bands that wrote records and now are gonna put records out, they’re six months behind in producing vinyl.

So it’s basically what it’s about. So because we’re very proud of this record and this record is very special for us, I don’t think that Nuclear Blast wanted to take any stops out on it, so they wanted multiple vinyls. But I can guarantee you it’ll be out in November, and you guys will not be disappointed. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed on this.”

You can watch the whole conversation below.