Exodus’ Steve Souza recently spoke about his bandmate Lee Altus dismissing himself from the European leg of their current tour and his replacement Brandon Ellis. He stated that sometimes members could not put the band first.

In 2021, Exodus released their latest album and is currently on tour supporting it. After releasing an album during the pandemic, the fans looked forward to the band members hitting the road. The metal band, however, is currently going through a slight lineup hiccup.

Lee Altus had to dismiss himself from this leg of the tour because he had some family issues to deal with amid touring. Although the vocalist didn’t disclose the exact problem, the dismissal seems temporary, and his replacement will be Lee Altus.

Brandon Ellis from The Black Dahlia Murder will replace him during the European Tour, and the guitarist is nailing his parts and had time to learn all the songs well. The vocalist also stated that the shows would be really good and reassured the fans that despite their guitarist is not there, the band is still Exodus.

About the lineup changes in Exodus, here is what Souza stated:

“Our guitar player Lee Altus won’t be making this leg of the tour. It’s going to be Brandon from The Black Dahlia Murder. He’s going to be filling in on guitar. For Lee, there are some family issues that Lee needs to take care of for himself, so he’s going to be staying back. He isn’t going anywhere. Sometimes these things happen. Family things happen. You can’t always put the band first.

We knew that Brandon would nail it, and it’s been something that has been in the works for a little while, so he’s had time to learn the music and get into it. So it’s going to be good. We’re not going to cancel. We’re going to keep going. It’s going to be Exodus.”

You can watch him talking about the guitarist.