Exodus drummer Tom Hunting shares the first message after his four-hour-long operation by using Gary Holt’s Instagram account.

After being diagnosed with cancer about two months ago, Tom started his chemotherapy treatment and achieved to minimize the tumor cells. Therefore, he finally went under surgery on July 13.

Following the surgery, Gary Holt made on his social media accounts and announced that everything went well. Later on, the guitarist announced that Tom is now cancer-free and that they are looking forward to playing alongside him.

During that time, Tom was still under the influence of anesthesia and couldn’t open his eyes, let alone make an announcement. Today, he finally woke up and shared a new message with his fans and friends considering his health status.

In the message, Tom confirmed that he is now cancer-free. However, he said that he will continue his chemotherapy treatments and check out if there are any cancer cells after the fourth session.

Additionally, Tom showed how grateful he is to the community for supporting him during these tough times and stated that he is very excited to get back on the stage and play the drums once again.

Here is the message from Tom Hunting:

“Hello, y’all. I just wanted to thank everyone for taking part in the blind illusion show. I’m blown away by all the love and support from everyone in this community! It really propels me in this fight!

So I had a full gastrectomy on July 12. I’ve been healing up good, relearning my relationship with food, smaller portions more spaced out, lots of proteins, etc… The science of all this continues to blow my mind on a daily basis. Like how can someone even be out walking around 2 weeks after the surgery?

Anyway, I’m super thankful! I’ve learned that so many people don’t even get a surgical option. The doctors had a good plan, they went in, and they’ve told me they got it all!! Fuck yes, sounds good to me!”

He added:

But it’s presumptuous to say cancer-free at this point. I really hope to make that statement myself soon down the road, but let’s not jinx it! I’m still in the middle of this fight. The hardest part is over with still 4 outro chemo treatments pending.

After that, I’ll have another scan that’ll hopefully show that cancers ass has been evicted from my body and kicked down the road! I can’t wait to see you all soon and play some of the new Exodus music live! Much love!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram