Exodus drummer Tom Hunting talked in an interview with Metal Underground and revealed his thoughts about the possibility of retirement.

He said that they has no plans to retire anytime soon and continued:

“We’ve had lulls and breaks throughout our career, spanning now almost forty years. But we’re not quite ready to stop yet, I don’t think. But as far as the records [go], we’ll take it one record at a time. I can’t say there’ll be five more albums or whatever, but we’ll see how it goes.

Right now we’re having fun, and if we’re having fun, and we still enjoy the process… Touring’s a lot more fun, I think, in these times than it was… When I was 20, it was more about the party, and now it’s more about the journey and having a really good live show and stuff like that.”

On songwriting process of upcoming album, he said:

Me and Gary [Holt, guitar] have jammed, and there’s the makings of four great songs. I don’t even know if we’ll use that, because my last meeting with him… I went to his house and heard some of the riffage he’s working on now, and I’m, like, that might be better than the four that we’re working on.

So we might piecemeal some of [those] riffs into different songs. But it’s gonna be great. I think he’s itching to get back into the creative process, because Slayer  doesn’t use him to write riffs; they just kind of use him to shred live and play that stuff. But we’re excited. He’s got a long break coming up.

He’s dealing with some family things right now, and I think by the time we get home from this, we’ll probably both need a creative outlet, somewhere to just [vent]. So I think we’ll get some work done. I don’t know when we’ll actually be recording. We’ll have to work around both bands’ schedules, ’cause we continue working while he’s with Slayer too.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source (Blabbermouth).