British metaller, Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth spoke in an interview with Mammoth Metal TV and explained his thoughts about Slayer’s Farewell Tour.

Here’s the statement (transcriped by Blabbermouth):

“I don’t believe it for an instant. I fell for the Ozzy [Osbourne] ‘touring for the last time’ in ’83 or whatever it was. [Editor’s note: It was actually in 1992.] I think Scorpions have done it; Accept have done it. We’ll see.

I mean, if the money’s right, people come out of retirement. Maybe it’s another way to boost their sales a bit, announcing the last tour. I hope it’s not their last tour. It would be a bit sad if it is. I think the same applies to them as with people like [Glenn] Danzig.

Just think, do I need to be doing [it]? Am I comfortable? They’re probably comfortable enough to be close to retirement. They get paid well for gigs. I think they’ll be alright.”

What do you think about this? Could Slayer be doing this to earn more money?

Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth. You can watch the interview from here.