Famous bass guitarist and Youtuber, Davie504 has 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube. He has reached over 412 million views in his entire career on Youtube.

In a recent video of him on Youtube, Davie504 announced that he decided to quit Youtube for an interesting reason. According to statement, he launched his second channel on Pornhub.

He explained the reason of his decision as follows:

“YouTube, it used to be all about the creators, but everything changed. Corporates are taking over; channels are getting terminated, demonetized, age-restricted for no reason…

These are really dark times. I had to do something, so I took one of the hardest choices of my life – I created a new channel on another platform.

A couple of weeks ago, I created a second channel on PornHub. I’ve been on that website for business and research reasons before and it really inspired me. I took a picture of me so I could get verified and I even applied for ad revenue and got accepted.

All of this happened in less than 24 hours; on YouTube, it would have taken months. Anyway, I announced it on my social media and got great feedback from you guys…

Very inspiring. Thank you very much for the support and I hope you enjoyed this video. I earned a huge amount of money from those videos, I’m definitely set for life.

I’m so proud of this community. Thanks for 1.5k subscribers on my second channel. It’s really a big number but I want to stay humble. As Thanos once said in ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ ‘From great power comes great responsibility.'”

Watch the video below.