Comedian Jim Breuer spoke in an interview with Courier Journal, and talked about his relationship with Metallica members.

Jim said that he’s very close with Metallica frontman James Hetfield. Here’s the statement:

“We became friends in the ’90s. I met [Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich] and we became friends, then I actually got really close with [vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield] and our families grew up together and our kids grew up together.

He continued:

“When this came about, I think Lars said it best: ‘Bands open up for us, and no one shows up for the bands. It’s a bummer for them, it’s a bummer for us. Now, we want to do something that’s kind of a crowd experience thing in filling the arena, trying to get them in and get them excited. You don’t have to be funny, just be creative.’

I said all right … I got this, I’m a Metallica fan. I’m just going to imagine me sitting in the audience and what I would want to see from some guy coming out there. The energy of the metal is what I’ve always loved and the energy I do on stage with standup, I mean, I’m not Metallica, but I’ve always extremely attracted and driven by that energy and the thought-provoking lyrics and drive.

That’s an attitude every standup show I go in. I go in to crush your face… and I think maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to bands like Metallica. They’re coming to crush your face, and they’re going to. I watch it night after night, still don’t get tired of it. As a matter of fact, when they’re on, you’ll see me on the floor.”

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