Heart singer Ann Wilson spoke in an interview with SiriusXM and shared her thoughts about Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell.

Here’s the statement:

“He knew what I felt about him. I don’t think we ever sat and went, ‘You know, you babe, no, you babe!’

I don’t think we ever did that, but we’d hug, and we’d look at each other, and we’d laugh, and just be comfortable together. That way of just trusting each other, and being with them.

I was not surprised when he died. No, I was not surprised. I don’t know why I say that – it’s just something that I feel from Chris. He was so complicated. He always struggled with mundanity. He was really in another dimension, and for him to be normal was really hard.”

In an interview with Billboard, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil spoke about possibility of new album without Chris Cornell and said:

We were working on an album and there’s material there that we demoed that we can flesh out when we can access some of the basic, multi[-track)]recordings, sure. That’s being discussed.”

You can hear the interview from below.