The famous host of SiriusXM, Eddie Trunk has made an interesting statement over Eddie Van Halen’s recent cancer photo which shared by Blabbermouth yesterday on his official Twitter account.

Doctor Todd Lanman, who is one of the most successful neurosurgeons in the USA, posted a photo of Eddie Van Halen on his Instagram page three weeks ago. But somehow, after all these weeks, the photo went viral on the internet after the report of Blabbermouth.

Today, Eddie Trunk blamed Eddie Van Halen’s family for their poor publication service and attitude. As we all know, they didn’t share any official statement about the rumors that Eddie Van Halen has a serious throat cancer.

Here’s what he said:

“Truly incredible that the rumor and speculation about one of the most iconic musicians of all time has reached such a level that a simple photo from a few weeks ago becomes news.

One of these days maybe fans will hear what’s truly going on. So crazy.”

You can see the tweet of Eddie Trunk below.

You can see the aforementioned photo right below: