Reliable rock journalist, Eddie Trunk has shared new rumors about possible Van Halen reunion tour during the recent episode of his podcast, Trunk Nation.

Here’s the statement:

“The latest thing I’m hearing from people, and it’s an ongoing odyssey of rumors, so I can’t stress enough, all of this is rumors, but this is the things I hear on the streets.

But now the Van Halen tour, if it’s going to happen, it’s going to be next year. It’s going to be a 2020 thing, we’ll see.”

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Back in January 2019, Eddie talked on Van Halen reunion, and said:

“There were rumors whether Roth was going to show or not and be a part of this, he did not. This only fueled further rumors that he did not because he did not want to piss off Van Halen with this continual, rumored stadium tour this summer.

The latest version of that rumor is Van Halen and Foo Fighters in stadiums this summer. Which lead to a lot of people to say, ‘well who closes,’ because at this point Foo Fighters is a way bigger band.”

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