During the recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, he has revealed his thoughts about Axl Rose’s performance with AC/DC.

Here’s the statement:

“I’d definitely have him on, I’d definitely have that guy on. He seems to have come back from the brink. For years, he went crazy, he vanished. He was trying to make that one album forever, he took many many years. Everybody was like goddamn, Axl Rose went crazy.

You’d see him and be like damn, Guns N’ Roses was so good. Then slowly but surely, he fucking came back, like really came back, like he’s fucking back. Like that dude tours with AC/DC now, I mean he crushes it. I saw some videos of him onstage, he’s a fucking animal again.”

He continued:

“I don’t think it’s age and time, I think there’s a lot of other ingredients, you’ve got to throw some shit onto that mix.

But Slash looks the same, but that’s what I’m saying, they’re both the same age, they started out together, or close to the same age at least.”

Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative-Nation)

Watch Axl Rose’s Thunderstruck performance below.