Famour rock journalist Eddie Trunk spoke at the recent episode of his podcast show, and revealed new possibilities about Van Halen reunion.

He has shared his thoughts about the possibility of Foo Fighters touring with Van Halen. He said:

“There were rumors whether Roth was going to show or not and be a part of this, he did not. This only fueled further rumors that he did not because he did not want to piss off Van Halen with this continual, rumored stadium tour this summer.

The latest version of that rumor is Van Halen and Foo Fighters in stadiums this summer. Which lead to a lot of people to say, ‘well who closes,’ because at this point Foo Fighters is a way bigger band.”

He also shared another scenario:

“However I think, and everyone agrees that Van Halen would close because Dave Grohl, just out of seniority, love and respect would never want to close and Van Halen would never open a show like that.

So, I think it would be a co-headline thing that I would see if this is true with Foo Fighters going on first. This is all hypothetical but this is just talk and gossip that went around NAMM 2019.”

On original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, he said:

“And the continual rumor of Michael Anthony coming back so it would be the original lineup, Michael Anthony has denied it consistently. Michael Anthony was going to come on this show while I was at NAM, that didn’t work out but I was in touch with him. Michael Anthony did a podcast and denied it.

I believe Michael Anthony when he says he hasn’t been contacted by anyone within Van Halen. However, as I’ve also said, do you honestly think if Michael Anthony was contacted by Van Halen and was going back to the band that he would just randomly blurt it out on a podcast? He burnt up the goodwill to be back in the band if he was.

So all of these people that go “Michael Anthony denies”, of course, if something was going on and I’m not saying it is but of course he is going to deny it. He can’t be the one that breaks that news. So you gotta take the denials with a grain of salt, they don’t mean anything one way or the other.”

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