During the recent episode of Trunk Nation from SiriusXM Radio, famous rock journalist Eddie Trunk talked about future plans of AC/DC.

He said that we can see AC/DC perform at the 2019 Grammys. Here’s the statement:

“They went through, I swear to you and I was not drinking at all last night but they went through the lineup for the Grammy’s this year The Grammy’s on CBS! You know, the whole commercial. As they ran down the artists and the only rock was the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers but as they ran them down by name and did cutaways of them playing, in the middle of that rundown I swear unless I was hallucinating there was a shot of Angus Young.

You know, doing that sort of Chuck Berry duck walk that he does. I swear that there was a flash of Angus Young because I was watching all the artists fly by as they named them and I swear I saw Angus Young. Now, not mentioned by name, they never said AC/DC but I swear I saw a cut in of him. Now, I don’t know why that would be – I tweeted it out last night and others said that they saw it as well. So I know I’m not going crazy.”

He continued:

“It’s either one of two things. Some sort of subliminal message, if you will? *laughs* Meaning that we have had nonstop speculation about AC/DC and what they may or may not do in 2019.

Maybe, and just go with me here for a second, because I’m not for a minute saying there is anything to this but maybe AC/DC is going to be a surprise performance, re-launch or announcement using the Grammys as a platform? Not the first time we would have ever seen that. If you remember, when KISS announced their reunion in 1996 with the original band, they did it by walking out on the Grammys. 2Pac was standing there with them.

So, the Grammys have been used before to re-launch or to send a flare up about an artist coming back, returning or reuniting.

Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)