Steel Panther guitarist Satchel spoke in a recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar and claimed that singers have small penises. Here’s his funny statement:

“There’s that old saying ‘Bros before hoes’ and you can say that. It’s a good saying. But it’s not true.

Every guy in my band is going to pick a hoe before they pick a bro. But we have an understanding – basically, we do this thing called ‘pass the hag’ that’s where after we have sex with a girl, everybody is welcome to jump on it.

You can’t get all butt hurt. Like for instance if a girl was to have sex with Michael Starr, my singer, and then I have sex with her and she has way more fun, he just has to realize that I’m going to be able to please a woman more than him so he can’t have his feelings hurt.

It took a while to get to that point but once you get past that and you realize that another guy in the band has a better penis and is going to be able to please women better, once you get over the fact that the guitar player is usually better in bed than the singer, it eases the tension.

Singers always want to be better at everything but they’re not because they’re just singers. They can’t write songs and play licks and usually their penises are small. That’s why they want to be lead singers, because if they had a bigger penis they wouldn’t need to be in the spotlight all the time.

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