One of the most well-known Rock music photographers of America, Ross Halfin has shared a really rare photo of Mötley Crue on  his Instagram page, and revealed a bizarre conversation between him and Tommy Lee.

Actually he had shared that photo for celebrating 30th anniversary of Motley Crue’s legendary album Dr. Feelgood.

Here is what he wrote:

“Mötley Crue’s Dr Feelgood album came out 30 years ago today. I can’t remember if this was taken in Texas or Van Nuys airport.

I remember flying past the Hollywood sign on the way to San Diego and Tommy Lee turning to me and in all seriousness saying “I’ve never seen the Hollywood sign before !”.

I’m thinking “huh? How can you live in Hollywood and not see the Hollywood sign?”…I suppose he’d been busy … #rosshalfin #motleycrue#drfeelgood.”

See the Instagram post below.