Famous TV personality, and also host of legendary metal TV show “Headbangers Ball”, David Alan “Riki” Rachtman has made an interesting claim about Taylor Swift on Twitter.

Here’s what he said:

“Why is it that @taylorswift13 doesn’t bug me at all. I’m not a fan of pop music but I always thought she was pretty cool. Am I alone here?”

We have to say that, the fans are very supportive to Riki for his tweet. Check out the some fan comments below.

Dina Parise responded:

“She’s got a grasp on everything she does. And, she’s got a big heart for her fans.
She writes her songs… Most of the Pop stars have at least 4 writers for their songs.
She’s talented and smart. No doubt!”

A fan named Nick wrote:

“You are definitely not alone. She writes her own music, manages her music catalog like a boss, isn’t overly reliant on sex appeal, let’s the music do the talking, and has a recognizable voice and sound. She’s way more than just a pop star. Smart talented woman.”

Another fan named Melissa said:

“She writes her own music, she plays instruments, she’s involved in the whole creative process and she’s actually talented. She’s not cookie cutter. She’s not label made and produced. I love her”

Check out the tweet of Riki below.