American music historian and famous radio personality, Eddie Trunk, criticized Mötley Crüe’s behavior about their Stadium Tour on his official Twitter account and slammed how they are handling this situation.

After the massive success of the biographical film of Mötley Crüe, The Dirt, the band wanted to do a farewell tour for the fans in late 2019. Mötley Crüe announced the date for summer 2020.

Furthermore, the band members started to work out for the show, and they even joined the cardio sessions to lose some weight to be in a perfect form of themselves, according to the manager of the band, Allen Kovac.

Unfortunately, coronavirus hit the world, and almost every event has been delayed, postponed, or canceled. The bands like KISS, Alice Cooper, and more, postponed their events, but Mötley Crüe didn’t make any announcement until April 2020.

At the start of May, the members of the tour made a statement about the fate of the Stadium Tour and revealed that they would decide by depending on the people’s health. Also, Mötley Crüe stated that the future of the tour would be informed by June 1, 2020.

Eddie Trunk shared his thoughts about this situation on Twitter yesterday by writing that it is an absolute embarrassment for not making an announcement or trying to give the refunds of the tickets even it is impossible to make this tour in two weeks. He said that it is so unfair to the fans who may need refunds, and they handled poorly about this problem.

Here is what Eddie Trunk said:

“An absolute embarrassment and incredibly unfair to fans who may need refunds how they have been strung out on a tour announce that everyone knows no way is happening in 2 weeks.. ridiculous handling by Live Nation!”

A fan named Dino replied:

“It shows you how it’s all about the money especially for Motley Crue for them to get back together they hate each other.”

Another fan named Mike wrote:

“They should hold the concert. People are gathering en masse to destroy cities, hang out on the beaches, pools, etc. and I don’t see wicked spikes in China started coronavirus. But… Hey, continue with economic suicide.”

You can read the tweet below.