Famous punk music star Teri Hooley, who is well-known as the Godfather of Punk, had an unearthed interview with ‘The Belfast Telegraph’ and revealed a never-told-before story of how John Lennon punched him really badly in the 1970s.

As Terri Hooley turned 71 two days before Christmas, he revealed the story of how did John and he punched each other, as well as his regressions from his younghood.

Here is what he told to The Belfast Telegraph about late ‘The Beatles’ legend:

“John Lennon punched me and I hit him back. And Bob Dylan told me to ‘F away off’ and never speak to me again. I’ve been attacked by both sides. It used to happen to me all the time, getting beat up for bringing young people together with the [record] label.

And then when the film came out and the play, a lot of people who’ve attacked me in the past have apologized.”

He continued:

“When the play was on at the Lyric, this guy gave me a card and it was a Christian card all about healing and he’s now married with a couple of kids and he’s a Christian.

He was a guy who had attacked me and beat me up. He gave me terrible hiding. And he was at the play and he apologized to me and I put it on Facebook that I forgive him.”

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