We are marking 17 year anniversary of Alice In Chain co-founder Lay Staley’s death.

In Bob Forrest & Michael Albo memoir Running With Monsters, we see that former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante tried to save his life in 2000.

Here is that conversation from the book:


“Hey, Layne. What’s going on.”


“Nothing. I know why you’re here.”


“Your Mom’s worried, man. You don’t look too good.”


“I’m okay, though. Really.”

In December 2018, Alice In Chains drummer Sean Kinney has revealed how Layne Staley’s death impacted them as a personally and musically.

He said:

“We found our identity early on, and it’s ours alone. Things changed because we lost one of our best friends and bandmates, but new people came into the fold. The framework of the band never went away, and I guess that’s why our sound is intact.”

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