One of the most popular TV and Radio personalities of rock and metal community, Eddie Trunk has posted a new statement about the bands who reunited on Twitter.

He has revealed the background of why rock and metal bands are reuniting for massive world tours these days. According to Eddie, the reason is ‘money’.

Here’s what he wrote:

“I always get a kick out of people saying that any reunions are “all about money”. Of course, they are! Name one reunion that didn’t mean more people & more money! Has anyone ever reunited because it meant less money and people?! It’s called the Music BUSINESS.”

A podcaster named Ceaser commented:

“Exactly! Its Business,object of which is $. Its like the Metallica argument. Do I like the Black Album and beyond? No. Do I fault them for changing Artisticly? Nope. Do I fault them for “Selling out and being Radio friendly”? Hell No. People just like to bitch”

A Twitter user named Ross said:

“So that’s fine, but when people use soundtracks bc it allows them to make more money, then it becomes not a business? You can’t pick and choose when being a phony happens. You rail about the lack of integrity of one, but defend the integrity of the other. Both are abt bizniss.”

Another fan replied:

“Yes, they should MAKE money, but if a reunion is ONLY about money and if not one shred of it is about playing music you love with people you miss, then it sucks. So that’s what people mean when they say a reunion is ‘all about the money.'”

Check out the tweet of Eddie below.