Guns N’ Roses legend Slash had a recent interview with Rock Cellar Magazine and revealed a never-told-before truth about Aerosmith icon Joe Perry.

Slash said that Joe was so broke in late 80’s that he sold his guitar to Slash for $8,000.

Here is the story:

“When I saw that one that Joe had in various Aerosmith photos, that was the coolest Les Paul. I didn’t know what tobacco sunburst was, but in every picture, it was just a darker-looking Les Paul than what everybody else had. So I knew that guitar very well. And I just thought it was really, really cool.

I never imagined in a million years it would suddenly pop up for sale. But Guns was finishing up a tour in Japan — the first-ever trip to Japan — and I got this phone call from the office in L.A., saying somebody’s got a guitar they want to sell and thought I might be interested.

He said it used to belong to Eric Roberts and Joe Perry and Dwayne Allman. And I was like, ‘Oh. You know what? Send pictures, because I know that guitar and all the nicks on the front.’ Because it’s a real recognizable guitar.

And when I got home from the tour, I got to my apartment, I got the mail, and there was this envelope stuffed with paper and photos. Polaroids. And I opened it up and was like, “Fuck. That’s the guitar.”

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