I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe recently had an interview with Toni Gonzalez from Loudwire Nights, and revealed bunch of details about their new album Trauma.

Vanlerberghe claims that rock is not dead but it’s time to try different things. So that, they decided to have featurings with rapper Justin Stone and electronic artist Delaney Jane.

Here is what Vanlerberghe said:

“This is probably the most eclectic we could’ve sounded on a record. We don’t want to scare people away and say, ‘It doesn’t have metal on it, it doesn’t have rock on it.’ But with all these musicians and artists saying rock and roll and metal is dead, we just wanted to write a record that was a big middle finger to them all.

Yeah, not every song is gonna be a riff-driven song, but we didn’t just drop all the rock out of it and go to a pop record.

We wanted to stay true to our roots, but experiment and evolve…don’t say rock is dead because there are ways to make rock fresh and different. When you look at pop and hip-hop, people say hip-hop and rap is the new punk and it kind of is because they try new things and they make things unique.

Rock doesn’t, they either stay the same or they try to move on to try something completely different, they don’t wanna make something fresh. So that’s what we strive for on this record, and I’m really excited to finally share it.”

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