Yesterday, we published an article about the famous star of our era, Billie Eilish, and we revealed Billie Eilish does not even have any single idea about Van Halen.

Today, famous TV and Radio personality, Eddie Trunk posted a new tweet on social media and defended Billie Eilish with beautiful words.

Here is what Eddie Trunk wrote:

“I don’t get what the big deal is about @billieeilish not knowing @VanHalen is?

She’s not a rock artist and she’s 17.. and VH has not exactly been all that active and out there the last 20 + years. If she played rock and didn’t know I could almost get it.”

A user named Tnevels hammered Eddie and criticized him:

“Wut? Ed literally named his kid after an 18th century pianist. The only relevance in all of this is that, having a good knowledge of music history which used to be a pretty important requirement to be an “artist.”

Now it’s way more about marketing and having a look.”

Check out the tweets below.

You can watch Billie’s interview sequence about Van Halen below.