Famous rock journalist and SiriusXM podcast host, Eddie Trunk wrote a recent tweet on his verified account and said that the bands which play ‘truly’ live are dead.

Here is what he said:

“Rock is certainly not dead. But what seems to be dead are bands playing truly live. The real crisis in rock is the prevalence of “live” shows that are anything but. It’s sickening how many accept, look the other way, or have no clue. Thx to all bands keeping it REAL!

A user named PairFace asked with putting a KISS .gif:

“I’m wondering who Eddie is aiming this tweet at…”

Sebastian Bach chimed in:

“Eddie didn’t see KISS this tour. I did. Not one person in the arena was complaining about anything, whatsoever. Believe me. I was there.”

He wrote other tweets:

“Guys in their 70s get a pass for God’s sakes. Guys in their 20s and 30s and 40s can kiss my fucking ass while I do vocal scales every fucking day.

I would rather see an older artist just be themselves instead of pretending to be a younger artist. That’s why my favorite musicians include Neil Young Willie Nelson these are musicians who truly do not give a fuck and would never use a tape period Willie Nelson is 86 years old.”

You can see these tweets below: